Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Maeror Tri - 1996 - Language Of Flames And Sound

Release type: Full-length

Style: Industrial/Drone Ambient/Experimental

Country: Germany

Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: MP3@CBR, 320 kbps

Size: 165 Mb



1. Viurunge (Last Firing of The Neurons) (12:13)

2. Diving Into Monument (10:02)

3. Entrance of Reality (8:37)

4. Onus (6:41)

5. Origo (33:52)

About Release:

Comes in a brain-shaped cardboard sleeve, CD being held in place by a split-nail fastener. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. Durations on the cover are not correct. POWER FOR THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN Our world is dominated by the left hemisphere of the brain. Due to intensive support of the left side of the brain over the last millenniums the human mind has progressed its ability to communicate verbally, to think logically and in a practical way, to behave in a linear and systematic way. This was the basic advantage which became, as a cynic would say, the "Crown" of the creation of the human race. The right hemisphere of our brains, which is processing in a non-reducing, holistic way, is responsible for non-verbal, spatial thinking, for visualisation, intuition and emotions, and for music and atmospheric perception / cognition! The abilities of our right hemisphere have been heavily surpressed in the past millenniums by the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain. Science proves that the human brain works on the best level when both hemispheres are stimulated with the same intensity. MAËROR TRI [...] support the theory that it is necessary to stimulate and challenge the right hemisphere in order to get back to a state of equal activity of the two sides of the brain. The activity of the right brain can be increased through exercises and stimulation. Listen, feel and realize! MAËROR TRI [...] March 1996. All material produced by MAËROR TRI [...] from 1992 to 1996 Special thanks to: Father Rodolpho, Robert Raum-God & Robin T. Chuter

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